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Interpreter Guide Fee Regulations
(Terms and Conditions)


The Client of the Interpreter Guide must, when the Interpreter Guide provides the Guide Service in accordance with the itinerary agreed upon in advance, bear all costs such as transportation, admission, and accommodation expenses of the Guide.

In addition to that, the Client is responsible for the total amount of the following fees and expenses () () and ().

Before concluding the contract for the Interpretation Guide Service, the Interpreter Guide must clearly specify these fees and expenses for the Client’s planned itinerary.

The Client must make sure to check these three types of fees and expenses thoroughly.


() Basic fee for Interpreter Guide

※Half day fee (when the time period from the start time to the end time is less than 4 hours) 3,000/h,

※Whole day fee (when the time period from the start time to the end time is more than 4 hours and less than 8 hours) 3,500/h, (excluding consumption tax) is standard.

The hourly rate varies from Guide to Guide and job description.


() Meal and Commuting expenses

If the Interpretation Guide Service extends through breakfast, lunch or dinner time, the Client must bear the costs of these for the Guide.

In addition, the Client shall bear the transportation expenses from the home of the Interpreter Guide to the start point of the Guide Service, and the transportation expenses from the end of the Guide Service to home.


() Surcharges

Additional charges will be incurred for Guide Services with special conditions and circumstances:

These surcharges are as follows: 

An additional fee will be charged depending on the number of people to be guided.

When requesting services beyond the contract time, a suitable fee will be charged according to the time.

Specialized interpretation fee

Such cases will be accepted, depending on the field of expertise requested, after full clarification and confirmation of the level and content between the Interpreter Guide and the Client.

Depending on the content and depth of the specialized field, the standard charge will be an additional 50% of the daily fee (b).

〇 Pre-tour or post-tour accommodation charges

If the start point of the Interpretation Guide Service is at a distance from the Interpreter Guide’s place of residence, and requires accommodation the night prior to the start of the service or the night after completion of the service, the accommodation costs must be borne by the Client.

Tour planning consultant fee

If the Client would like to ask the ideas and advice of an Interpreter Guide about the course, accommodations, locations for meals, places of interest, etc., such consultations will incur a tour planning consultant fee of 10,000 yen per tour, charged by the Interpreter Guide.

The tour planning consultant fee must be transferred to the account of the Interpreter Guide prior to starting the consultation. In addition, even in the case the desired tour conditions cannot be met, the transferred tour planning consultant fee will not be refunded.

2.Cancellation fees and payments

2-1. Cancellation fee

If the Client cancels a concluded Guide Service contract, the contracted Interpreter Guide takes the following cancellation fees from the total amount () () () of each day of the itinerary.

Cancellation on the day: 100% of the total amount of ()()().

Cancellations made 1-2 days before: 80% of the total amount of () () ().

Cancellations made 3-7 days before: 30% of the total amount of () () ().

2-2.Remittance of prepayment

Payment must be made at least 10 days prior to the start of the tour, and advance payments must be transferred in Japanese yen to the account specified by the Interpreter Guide.

All costs related to remittances must be borne by the Client.

The remaining balance must be paid in cash in full to the Interpreter Guide at the start of the tour.

2-3.Prepayment amount

The amount of advance payment is as follows.

Contracts from 1 day to 4 days in length: Total contract value.

Contracts of 5 days or more: Total contract value for the first 4 days.

2-4.Refund of payment due to cancellation

If the Client cancels the tour, the contracted Guide must promptly transfer the remainder of the prepaid amount less the cancellation fee to the account specified by the Client, using the remittance method specified by the Client.

In that case, the charges related to the remittance will be deducted from the refunded amount. These charges are borne by the Client.