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Kazuyo Morimoto

Hi, I am Kazu. Since my late teens, I have been interested in traveling and people with different cultural backgrounds. Back then, my family hosted several students from different countries coming to Japan. Sharing our home with other nationalities exposed me to different cultures. I realized that there are diverse cultures all over the world.
Working as a tour guide offers me an opportunity to share Nara’s history and culture with people visiting my hometown. This is not just a job for me, but it is my way of showing my love to my hometown by promoting intercultural understanding.  As a tour guide, I possess the qualities of a hospitable, dedicated, flexible, and responsible individual. I will make your tour very special by making an effort to plan that is suited for every client I serve. I am assuring you of an enjoyable trip to my hometown Nara.




Asuka Area Licensed Guide Interpreter
Nara Prefecture Licensed Guide Interpreter


1.Asuka Region
(Asuka, Takatori, and Kashihara)
2.Sakurai(Yamanobe-no-michi Trail)
3.Yoshino area


reading books, cooking, gardening, visiting Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, and visiting Kofun (tumuli)


History & historic places, Traditional culture, Food culture